Pies and Pudding

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What a great assembly we had—lots of excitement! Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Wicks for organizing this assembly on behalf of the school council. Thanks to Mrs. Grof, Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. Kraan-Beatty for helping at the assembly. Mrs. Vella started off taking the first pie in the face—-she amused the students with her crazy head to toe plastic suit. Not to leave anyone out she took the remaining whip cream and smeared it on Mr. Wick’s face. Chants of “Mr. Short, Mr. Short” brought him up on stage to “take a pie.” When it was Mrs. Roundsky’s turn she pretended she didn’t hear her name announced—-nice try! Poor Ms. Ingram and Ms. Regehre ended up with a pie on the shirt, instead of the face. I hope Mr. Telford liked his pie as it hit him square in the face. What a great staff for joining in the fun!
Mrs. Jordan was sure glad the pudding was tasty as spoonful after spoonful was flung at her. What a tasty mess!
On behalf of the school council a BIG thank-you for supporting the citrus fundraiser.