JCPS School Closure Update

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The school will be open to receive students tomorrow, Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

As you are aware our school had a septic issue over the weekend. The issue was the result of oil leaking onto the floor of our boiler room over the weekend. This was discovered on Sunday. The oil went into the septic tank through the drain system in the boiler room. The oil was contained in the first of our two septic tanks and our facilities personnel have been working with various contractors to resolve the issue. The oil has been removed and the sewage pumped from the septic tank. The system has now been approved for use. Further pumping and clean-up will be completed on Tuesday, January 13th to ensure no residual oil left in the system. The Ministry of the Environment have inspected the site and are satisfied that the school board has followed all correct procedures. Our facilities department are arranging for testing to ensure that there has been no oil leakage into the ground water system.

Jack Callaghan Public School uses a drilled well to provide water to the school. This water is tested weekly. A water sample will be made tomorrow and the results will not be back until the end of the week. As a precaution the school will have bottled drinking water available until we receive the results.