Grade 1 Responsibility

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What a neat writing task! Mrs. Roundsky’s grade 1 class wrote letters to Mrs. Jordan to outline how responsibilities change as they get older. Each student shared a responsibility they would like to have when they are older.
*a milk monitor and lunch monitor because I want to be a role model to kids
*a lunch monitor because it is helpful
*being a lunch monitor because it looks fun. I would get to sit up front.
*to do the announcements because I want to tell people important things
*milk monitor because I will get to punch out the cards
*milk monitor because people get milk
*lunch monitor because lunch monitors do helpful things
*milk monitor because it looks fun to go around to classes
*lunch monitor because I like seeing the kids
*keeping my locker space clean because I want to put more stuff in it

It looks like JCPS is going to have lots of leaders in the future.