Pancakes and More Pancakes

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What a great way to start the week off—-serving pancakes to the students and staff. Students and staff were treated to a yummy lunch of pancakes, fruit and juice. Yummy! Obviously the pancakes were delicious as we had many students suggest we make pancakes on a regular basis.
We are so lucky to have staff and parent volunteers jump on board to help provide these types of events for our students. Thanks to Mrs. Corner for shopping for us and getting us organized. In the kitchen cooking and cleaning we must say a HUGE thanks to Mrs. Kraan, Mr. Melton and Trustee Round. Thank-you to the Berthelot and Bray families for donating food items for our pancake luncheon.
We had many students helping and lots of staff jumped on board too. Another fine example of a positive community event at JCPS.