Math Madness Continues

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It was amazing to see so many students write what their favourite number is and why in French.  I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which they wrote their repsonses.

Some of the student responses were:

My favourite number is:

*1 because that is how many horses I have

*29 because that is how old my dad is

*6 because I was born on February 6th

*7 because my dog is seven

*quatorze because it is my brother’s age

*mon numero prefere sai douze, parce ce que mon age

*my favourite number is 99 because it is the closest to 100

*mon numero preferee est la numero 20 parce que je suis nay sour le 20, julliet

*3 parce que mon juex au soceer dans mon age trois

*J’aime le nombre 72 parce-que cet nombre est belle

Today’s Riddle:  What number can you subtract half from to obtain a result that is zero?

A couple of Apps your family might like to try are:

*sushi monster


Happy Monday math day!