Staff Line-Up 2016

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Below is the JCPS staff (as of today) for September  2016.

FDK Room 12: Ms. Korkush and Mrs. Corner (DECE)

FDK Room 15:  Mrs. Warren

Grade 1:  Mrs. Roundsky

Grade 1/2:  Mr. Pawlik

Grade 2/3:  Ms. Chislett and Ms. Webster

Grade 3:  Mr. Reynolds

Grade 3/4:  Ms. Finlay

Grade 4/5:  Mrs. VanKooten

Grade 5/6:  Mrs. MacPherson

Grade 6/7:  Mr. Short

Grade 7/8:  Mrs. Mattiussi

Student Success:  Mrs. Smith

Teacher Librarian/Fine Arts:  Ms. Ogilvie

Prep:  Ms. Chislett and Mrs. Karklins

French:  Ms. Brabin

EAs:  Mrs. Grof, Mrs. West, Ms. Gonsalves

Head Custodian:  Mr. Graham

Evening Custodian:  Mr. Neild

Office Administrator:  Mrs. Vella

Library Clerk:  Ms. Denby

Principal:  Mrs. Wright

What an amazing line up!

The staff look forward to seeing all students on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.