What does “Character Development” mean?

Character development is the deliberate effort to nurture the universal attributes upon which communities agree. These attributes reflect a forged consensus on the beliefs and values of families and communities. They transcend socioeconomic, racial, religious, cultural, gender, and other factors that often divide people and communities.” (Finding Common Ground, Glaze, 2006)


Respect is treating others with dignity and honouring the rules of our family, school, and nation.


Honesty is when you are sincere and truthful in your words and actions.


Goal-setting is knowing precisely what you want to achieve and where you have to concentrate your efforts.


Fairness is solving problems so that everyone wins and that you don’t prejudge.


We show citizenship by making responsible decisions, caring about others, and by contributing positively to our community.


Compassion is being understanding and caring, showing empathy by wanting to help, listen, and say kind words.


Perseverance is being committed to your aogls and overcoming obstacles. When you persevere you don’t give up.


Being trustworthy means that you behave in an honourable manner. You act with integrity. Your words match your actions.


Being responsible means that you are accountable for your actions and consider the consequences of your choices.


Self-control means self-discipline and taking charge of yourself. You act instead of react.

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