A way for parents to become involved in JCPS is to become a member of our School Council. The council is comprised of parents, the school principal, teaching and non-teaching staff and community representation. Meetings are held monthly and all parents are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend.

School Councils are advisory bodies and their purpose is to improve student achievement and enhance accountability of the education system to parents. School councils have the right to make recommendations to the principal or the school board on any matter. School boards and principals must seek the views of school councils in developing and revising policies that affect students, such as:

  •  the process and criteria for selection and placement of principals and vice-principals;
  •  the school’s and school board’s Code of Conduct and appropriate dress code;
  •  implementation plans for new education initiatives; and
  •  action plans for student improvement based on test results from the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) 

In addition to its advisory responsibilities, the School Council shall:

  •  participate in information and training programs;
  •  act as a link between the school council and the community; and

JCPS Parent Council Meeting Minutes Oct 9 2018