Jack Callaghan Public School was constructed in 1966 and was originally named Ops Elementary School.  The new Ops Elementary School replaced these former schools:


S. S. No. 1 River Road              S. S. No. 2 Downeyville Road               S. S. No. 3 Byson’s

S. S. No. 4 Connolly’s               S. S. No. 5 Kinny’s                                S. S. No. 6 McArthur’s

S. S. No. 7 Reaboro                  S. S. No. 9 Reas                                   S. S. No. 10 Salem

S. S. No. 11 Jackson’s              S. S. No. 12 Mt. Horeb

The official opening of the new school was held November 18, 1966. Jack Callaghan, chairman of the School Board conducted the ceremony. Glen Hodgson, Victoria-Haliburton MPP, opened the new school. In 1994, Ops Elementary was renamed Jack Callaghan Public School in memory of Jack Callaghan and the contributions he made to education.