“For any challenge, the best preparation provides the best chance of success”

During the years that you spend at Jack Callaghan Public School, being prepared is the best advice we can give you succeed.  As you grow from a cub to a cougar, you will begin to develop, maintain and enhance different skills  and strategies that will help you for the rest of your life. Being successful includes: being on time, being responsible, getting along with others, being willing to talk about things that bother you, and paying attention. Each of these are important keys to your success and at times can be very easily forgotten. Being able to understand the benefits of school, and through motivating yourself to want to study and learn, you will do well and be successful. Remember, as in most of life’s challenges, “The most difficult step of all is always the first one

The positive attitudes and skills you develop now will stay with you for the rest of your life. Here are some hints to help you be successful in school:

In Class

·       Bring necessary materials and supplies

·       Listen to what is going on

·       Take accurate notes; do your best work on assignments

·      Organize your notebooks; keep them neat and up-to-date

·       Be part of the class… PARTICIPATE!


·       Have a time and place set aside for homework where you can concentrate

·       Do it on the day it is assigned if possible that way you will not forget as many of the more detailed steps that might be involved

·       Give it a go yourself first and then if you are still stuck ask for help

Test Taking

·       Read the entire test before you start

·       Do the best job you can on every test… this means studying for more than one night

·       Check the entire test before handing it in

·       Save all tests for future studying